How can I print or export a completed PM report/checklist?

Sometimes during vetting processes, audits, or compliance checks we are asked to provide evidence of our planned maintenance system/processes. Usually, the requestor is sat in an office far away from any items they can go and scan themselves. Therefore, it would be useful to be able to download a pdf copy of a completed PM checklist or report. The checklist designer shows a very nice report form, but it seems impossible to actually print or export a completed version.

(We assume that the original post owner wants to export checklists used on the Preventive maintenance jobs.)
If that is the case, we are so sorry that we cannot move this product forward due to some reasons as below:

  • Currently, we are not supporting generating/exporting any document on Preventive and Operator jobs.
  • This is an effort to keep documents organized and focus on mandatory/important documents.

However, since all maintenance data are available in Onix Work, we believe it is more efficient if your colleagues have their own licenses to access Onix Work. You will be able to collaborate digitally with it.