Equipment - Table mode: Remember the column width

When loading equipment and constantly need to update the search for equipment. For example, search our equipment.

For example

  1. In table mode, I am looking for: ABCDEFGHJKLZXVVBN1234. This is a long Owner ID text,

  2. The column width is too short for our owner’s ID and serial number as well. Therefore I have extended it a bit so that they can display in full

Then every time I search, these column width are rolled back to the default width, then I have to extended them again on each search.


The column width is remembered when you have chosen a layout for your equipment list. So everything will be as expected.

This is not a big problem, but it steals time when we have to fix this again and again. New searches, Sorting by various categories and searches by various locations etc. The problem occurs every time. Annoying when you have to change the size of the column window every time.

Any auto custom size setting for selected columns on new search will probably resolve this. I want that :wink:

This idea has been implemented in the Autumn Release 2023.