Checklist module - add view of who checklist is shared with

The latest version of the Checklist function is really good. However, Checklists must be shared one-by-one and to only a single Company. There appears to be no funtionality to share multiple checklists with multiple Companies (tick select checklists to share and tick select companies to share with). Also no overview of what has been shared with who. Suggestion is to add a screen which can show an overview of what is shared with who (perhaps similar to the User/Role matrix)

When your checklist accessibility is set to “Shared - Read-only” or “Shared - Editable,” it becomes available to all companies that connect to your company. They can use your checklist while working on your equipment.
This feature is specifically intended for the Equipment Owner company to create and share their checklist with the inspector company for use during inspections of their equipment.
Considering this, you may not necessarily need a feature to view an overview of checklist sharing since it differs from the “Share copy” feature. What are your thoughts on this?
Certainly, I acknowledge the need for the ability to edit multiple checklists simultaneously instead of having to make changes individually for each checklist. This feature would greatly enhance efficiency and save time by allowing bulk editing of checklists in a single operation.

We have discussed this internally and decided not move forward with this product idea. It’s properly not our direction in enhance the feature “Share copy” on checklist, but follow the checklist sharing concept or the “share data” connection concept in the future.