Connect equipment to checklist from equipment-module

Instead of linking the equipment to the checklist from the checklist designer, it is desirable to be able to link the equipment to the checklists directly from the equipment module. This was a feature of the previous equipment module.

Hi @kh.admin, you can link checklist from Equipment module. Just select 1 equipment from the list
or open the equipment, and then click on Checklist button.

That is a great feature! However I’m looking to mass update equipment to a checklist, not only one at a time.

@kh.admin Then this has become a suggestion to improve the Equipment module.
I’ve moved your topic to Product Ideas - New so that it can be followed up properly :blush:

Thank you for sharing your idea. Please let us update its tag to Product Ideas - In Discussion so that we can collect more inputs from other users related to this suggestion.
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Thank you for your idea to make Onix Work more efficient.
We have discussed this internally again and we do not have any specific plans of implementing this in near future. But we like your idea and will keep it in mind for eventually future functionality.
We update the tag for this idea to “To Be Considered” and if you or other users have more comments related to this suggestion, please add your comment to this suggestion.