Add an "examination date" field to the control card of fall protection

Is it possible to get a date field on a control card for Fall Arrest form, in the same way as a control card for expert control?

(Source: Support case)


“Er det mulig å få datofelt inn på kontrollkort for fallsikring, på lik linje med mulighet dette er på kontrollkort for sakkyndig kontroll?”

Please vote for this idea if you agree so that we can prioritize it.
If you have any inputs, we’d love to hear them :blush:

Thank you for your idea to make Onix Work even more efficient.
We have discussed this internally and decided not move forward with this product idea. We have not got other any other customers giving us feedback about this and we want to keep the functionality as it is today.
We recommend you to use Inspection report with rule related to Fall arrest control category instead.
In this form next examination date is included and you can configurate your own heading and footer information