Active / inactve status of documents are different in the Jobs vs Documents tabs

After filing a job, I copy that job to edit some information and file the copy job.
Then I click on the Documents tab within the equipment detail, I can find 4 documents:

  • 2 from the first job with “inactive” status.
  • 2 from the copy job with “active” status.

However, when I click on the Jobs tab and open the first job (the one with incorrect info) to view its documents, its 2 documents have “active” status.

The first job’s documents should always have “inactive” status, no matter where I access them.

This is as designed.
The customer can in “Settings/System/System Setup – Delivery and Job” configurate this.
They may select/deselect “Automatically set old documents inactive when filing mandatory jobs”.
We want this rule to be general for all filed not mandatory jobs and not make an exception when we copy an existing job to make a new version

@randi.egeland What I meant was: the status of a document is not consistent between equipment - Jobs - Documents (1st picture) vs equipment - Documents (2nd picture).

  • When the “Automatically set old documents inactive when filing mandatory jobs” is OFF, it’s normal if the document is “active” in both places.
  • When the “Automatically set old documents inactive when filing mandatory jobs” is ON, it’s quite confusing if the document is still “active” when you open equipment - Jobs - Documents.

Moreover, today I tried manually uploading a document to an open job and noticed that:

  • In an equipment - Jobs - Documents, a document only has “active” status. We cannot select an “inactive” status. In other words, the status only has 1 value, regardless of the job’s status or the company’s setup.
    Therefore, the “active” field here doesn’t offer value or knowledge about the document’s current status in Onix system.

  • Meanwhile, in an equipment - Documents, we can select “active” or “inactive” status for a document. This is good because we can set unused documents as “inactive”.

So after these 2 findings, my suggestion is: It’s better to remove the document’s “Active” field in equipment - Jobs - Documents.

What do you think Randi?

We have looked at this case again and see that you are right, the functionality in Onix Work is a bit misleading. Inactive/Active flag on documents is reflects the Equipment. When we open a job the documents created/assigned will always be active in this dialogue. Active indication here is related to the job and not the equipment.
We will keep this in mind and implement this in a future release.
We update the tag for this idea to “To Be Considered” and if you or other users have more comments related to this suggestion, please add your comment to this suggestion.

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