Why do you need more Gigabytes for your Onix Work

The more Gigabytes your Onix Work account has, the more documents can be stored.
Find out how you can check out the current storage use, understand the calculation and optimize your Gigabytes usage below.

1. How many Gigabytes in Onix Work do you have?

By default, your company has 10GB (Gigabytes) included storage per tenant, plus 2GB per full user (Equipment Owner, Inspector, Supplier licenses).

For example: Uplift AS has 2 Equipment Owner licenses, 1 Inspector license, and 28 Onix Pick and Pack Team Member licenses. The company gets a total of 16GB, including:

  • 10 GB by default
  • 6 GB for 3 full users (2 Equipment Owner licenses and 1 Inspector license)

If your company has enough full users, these GB are probably good for storing documents, and you do not need extra GB. However, additional GB becomes necessary when your company has few full users and a high volume of documents, or when the document volume grows over time.

Getting more GB in Onix Work allows you to:

  • Store more documents and pictures of your equipment.
  • Create and distribute more documents to your customers via Onix Express.

2. How to keep your Gigabytes usage low

While there’re several ways to keep your Gigabytes low, they’re not recommended as you risk reducing the quality of your equipment documents and pictures.

To lower your Gigabytes usage:

  • Reduce the size of your personal signature and the company’s logo picture. Appearing on every document, a large-sized signature and company logo will increase the size of your documents. However, be mindful of the quality when you compress them.

  • Reduce the size of equipment’s pictures uploaded to Onix Work. Heavy pictures uses up more Gigabytes.

3. How Gigabytes usage is calculated

We calculate the total Gigabytes usage in your Onix Work based on:

  • All pictures created and uploaded by your company;
  • All active documents created by your company:
    • Inactive documents are excluded.
    • If a document’s active status is turned off, it won’t be included in the calculation. It will be recalculated if the document is made active again.
  • All active documents attached to the equipment owned or supplied by your company and to their issues.

The calculation is counted per unique document.

For example: If a 5MB document is attached to your product, it will only count as 5MB in your Onix Work, regardless of how many pieces of equipment are created from this product.