Summary of the work done before upload

As an inspector who have completed inspections for a customer in Onix Inspect, I need to have a summary of the work done before upload, so that I can check if everything is included.

Some information I would like to know:

  • Total number of equipment of this customer
  • Number of inspected equipment
  • Number of quick inspection, inspections and certificates created.
  • Summary of job status (the number of completed job categorized by status)
  • Summary of equipment with updated status. This includes
    • Status updated directly on Equipment
    • Status updated when Quick Inspection is filed.
  • Number of documents added manually, categorized by document types.
  • Number of jobs that can’t be filed automatically and need follow-up in Onix Work

Although the Review Inspections module in Onix Inspection can answer some items above, we need to consider thoroughly if we should implement it Onix Inspect.

The Job Report available in Onix Inspect will give you a good summary of the jobs.