Check if jobs have already been uploaded before I press "Upload"

Is there any way to get real-time check of jobs in Onix Inspect and in Onix Work? Then if any data have already been uploaded that I’m not aware of, I can be warned promptly.
At the moment, if I don’t know that some jobs have already been uploaded, I keep creating new inspection jobs but then I cannot upload because of duplicated data in Onix Work.

Thank you for sharing your idea. Please let us update its tag to Product Ideas - In Discussion so that we can collect more inputs from other users to find an optimized solution.

If I understand this correctly this is not for “normal” scenarios.
Normally you do inspections, upload and then you must download “fresh” customer data again before you start the next inspections session. The previous inspections are not available and will not lead to any conflict when uploading.

This scenario you describe is more relevant when you restore a backup file. This file may already be uploaded and when you restore the backup file the already uploaded inspections will be available in Onix Inspect.

When you restore a backup file you will be warned with the following message:

“If the file being restored has already been uploaded, you will not be able to upload any changes. If you want to make changes, you have to proceed in Onix Work or download customer data again and start fresh.”

And if you restore and then actually try to upload you will get the message
Unable to upload.
You are using a restored database that has been uploaded successfully before. To make any changes, you have to proceed in Onix Work or download customer data again and start fresh.

Can you please explain more the situation which lead you to the scenario you describe in your post to help us better understand your need.