Can the QR code be designated for a user / user group?

Can the tag (QR code) be designated for a user/usergroup? Would it be possible to have user manuals available from a tag without giving access to the full object information?


  • The basis for the wish is to have all information about an object stored in one place. The various user/user groups have different information needs. E.g.
    • The equipment’s everyday users need access to user guides and manuals
    • Equipment maintenance personnel need access to equipment details, service tasks and service manuals
    • Equipment owners need access to equipment details, service history++
      The 2 latter user groups will typically access the information through the application interface. The concrete request was to provide everyday users easy and direct access to user manuals/guild through a QR code on the equipment.

Please vote for this idea if you agree so that we can prioritize it.
If you have any inputs, we’d love to hear them :blush: