Enter Onix ID from Orders modul / Å legge inn Onix ID

Er det mulig å legge Onix ID inn fra orders module?

Hi @Nantaya.Arunyaganon, today we cannot enter Onix ID from the Orders module, but you can do it in the Equipment module.
Is there any specific scenarios or reasons of why you need to enter Onix ID from the Orders module?

Because we create equipment from the order’s module and it will be much easier if I can do it at the same time when we add serial no. and owner’s ID. As of today, I have to process the order first and enter the Onix’s ID from the Equipment’s Module one by one.
Sometimes we have over 500 pieces of equipment in one order. it about time-consuming

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Thanks for sharing the insight. Then we consider this a product idea for the Orders module, so I’m moving it to the New category.
Our team member will follow up with your idea from there.

thank you very much

Hi @Nantaya.Arunyaganon

Do you use the Onix Pick and Pack application? The app supports linking the Onix ID/Tag to the order line item simultaneously when adding the serial number and owner’s ID. It also works with a scanner to quickly capture the tag value.

In other words, could you please describe your current work process in a bit more detail? Do you have physical equipment at hand when inputting the serial number, batch number, and Onix ID into the system? This would help us understand better and explore how we can make this possible.