Edit inspection date in Onix Inspect

It is not possible to edit job date in Onix Inspect.

If this were allowed it would open many opportunities for the inspector:

  • Today you have to update a job in Onix Work if we fix something that was at fault on the original job - But with editing inspection date, we could do this in Onix Inspect
  • If a job is started one date, but not finished until later, or if something prohibits me from finishing a job in Onix Inspect, I can stil set the correct inspect date

This idea has come to life:

You can select any date in the calendar.

However, there are 2 notes

  • If the job date is in the future, the job can’t be filed. You will see a warning message
  • If the job date changes, the next due date on the selected interval will be re-calculated.