Allow any image to be uploaded to a dashboard

Dashboards - I tried to upload an image to a dashboard, I can only choose an image associated with “My Department”. Can the options be amended to include an option to select any department, or allow any image to be uploaded to a dashboard?

We have created a range of standard dashboards. Each department has a dashboard focused on the equipment they are responsible for. For each department dashboard I had hoped to add an image that was associated with relevant department (as a visual indicator people are looking at the correct dashboard). However, I cannot select which department image can be displayed on the dashboard, the only option is “My Department”, which will result in the image associated with my personal department being displayed on all dashboards.

Please vote for this idea if you agree so that we can prioritize it.

It’s correct that we have limited this to “My department”, but there is no reason why we should not allow a direct photo upload. Will keep this idea updated with any development on this going forward.