Additional choice for display when we perform control for "not inspected all equipment"

Would like an additional choice for display when we perform control. “not inspected all equipment”

Ønsker et ekstra valg for visning når vi utfører kontroll.
“ikke inspisert alt utstyr”

We have improved the view and filter functionlity in Onix Inspect and we think this will cover you need. You may select “All Equipment” as a view and pin this so it will be automatically selected when using Onix Insepct/Equipment. In additon you may add your own filter criteria which will remian also when you switch module and then go back to Equipment module again. In Filter you may include filter on mandatory job created for a specific period or add filter on missing documents e.g. Control documentation or certificates.

You may also do some adjustments in the fields displayed in the Equipment tile to get it more clear which equipment which is inspected when and by whom.