When editing "Issues" within Onix, we get a chance to select "Close as solved" and "Close as Dropped". This could be seen as misleading

When editing “Issues” within Onix, we get a chance to select “Close as solved” and “Close as Dropped”. This could be seen as misleading.

“Close as solved” → “Close as resolved”

  • This is a grammar issue.
  • Reasoning: You “solve” a problem by coming to your own conclusion, while you resolve problems only by decisive knowledge about the problem and possible solutions.
  • In other words: anyone can “solve” a issue. only competent personnel can resolve an issue, based on knowhow and experience. solving a problem can be temporary, resolving the problem is permanent.

“Close as Dropped” → “Close as Discarded”

  • This is a technical language issue
  • Reasoning: Dropped Objects are widely seen as something that can, or have fallen down. Discarded will however not have any such connotations
  • “Dropped” will in many industries refer to “Dropped Objects”, which can be understood as “an object that has the potential to fall down, or have fallen down and have potential to cause harm, or have caused harm to personnel or equipment”. This is a very well known term in offshore industry, and has been adapted within on-shore industry aswell.

We have discussed this internally and want to keep “Close as Dropped” when closing the issue, but we want to update with more describing text in the dialogue where the user has to include the reason why this issue is dropped.