Minimum requirements for Onix Tool Store

Are you planning to install the Onix Tool Store on PC or mobile devices? To ensure optimal performance, check out these minimum requirements below.

1. For Windows version

  • Operating System: Windows 10 or above
  • Processor: x86 or x64 1 GHz (minimum)
  • Memory: at least 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended)
  • Hard Disk: at least 4.5 GB of available space may be required
  • Display: we recommend using 1024 x 768 high color and above, 32-bit
  • The .NET Framework 4.8 should be installed on your system

2. For Android and iOS version - only available with the new Onix Tool Store (2023)

These requirements ensure broad compatibility and accessibility for users on both iOS and Android platforms, accommodating different device types and screen sizes.

Device requirements:

  • iOS:
    • Compatible with iPhones and iPads.
    • Supports the two most recent major versions of iOS. Therefore, we recommend you upgrade with each new major iOS release, ensuring compatibility with the latest and preceding versions.
  • Android:
    • Compatible with phones and tablets.
    • Requires Android 5.0 or above.

Screen size:

  • While the app is designed to fit any screen size, it is ideally optimized for screens of 4.7 inches and larger to ensure a pleasant usage experience.

Important note

  • Onix is not responsible for hardware, nor for the hardware and software will work together.
  • To deliver the best possible experience in Onix Tool Store, we keep our list of supported operating systems short. Please be aware that we don’t fix bugs or issues for unsupported operating systems out of this list.
  • We test for only a limited range of devices and can only refer to this specification as a template for what should work.