Being able to add or amend a location in onix inspect for the job instead of each individual item

Being able to add or amend a location in Onix Inspect for the job instead of each individual item.
A great number of our clients, move their equipment from site to site.
Locations cannot be amended in the job in Onix Work once created- even before filing.

Hi @liftingandsafety, thanks a lot for sharing your suggestion :heart:

May I clarify which application do you want to use for editing an equipment’s location? (Onix Inspect or Onix Work)

For more information, currently, you can change an equipment’s location from Onix Inspect. Here’s how:

  • In Onix Inspect, after you create a new job, you can open that job and select its linked equipment; there you can change the equipment to another location (for example, from a location named “Hall A” to new location named “Hall B”).
  • Then you upload the customer data from Onix Inspect.
  • Afterwards, you come to Onix Work. The equipment will automatically have the “Hall B” location, and the filed job will also have “Hall B” location. This “Hall B” location also appears in any inspection report, checklist and certificate linked to the job.
  • The key here is to edit the equipment’s location first, then the new location will appear in the job.

Therefore, if possible, we’d love to hear you explain more about 2 points below :blush: