Transfer orders from ERP system with Onix Transfer

Onix Transfer (a.k.a. UP Order Adapter) helps suppliers transfer orders from the ERP system to Onix Work.

Onix Transfer requires an Onix Work Professional license and a direct access to the ERP solution.
Individual configuration of the ERP connection and data conversion will also be necessary.

To log in, choose File > Logon.
Insert your Onix Work user account in Email and Password, and click Apply.
If it is authenticated, Onix Transfer will show your company ID and user ID.
Click OK to log in.


After successfully logging in, the company you are connected to will be registered in Company .
Once the order has been completed in your ERP system and is ready for completion in Onix Work, enter order number, and select Transfer .
You can choose to open Onix Work after transfer by selecting Open order after transfer .


In Order module, you can add a location to your chosen customer.
If you add a location, this will per default be the location for all orders until you decide to change or remove location.