Status page for customers

As a user I’d like the possibility to check if the systems are running correctly, check whether Onix (all apps) are up and running.
I my think Onix is down or there is a BUG, when it’ is my issue or poor communication in the internet conecctions.

Maybe a checklist that includes necessary steps to verify the issue can help? (The checklist should be placed at a handy location within Onix apps.)
For example:

"1. Check internet connection.
2. Close and reopen the app (on mobile devices) or reload the browser tab (on PC).
3. Restart the device.
If the issue persists, there’s a possibility that it’s a bug or the system is down temporarily. Please send an email to and include a screenshot of the issue in this case."

A dashboard on our website for example would be interesting. And maybe a possibility to report problems. Here is an example of a different software and how you can quickly see if the issue is on the software side, or on your side as a customer:

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