Setting alerts in Onix Work for my department or my location

Original post from a user of G2 Ocean: Why can’t I set alerts for “My Department”, or “My Location”?

When using personal settings to set up alerts, there are options for selecting alerts for all equipment, my personal equipment, and favourite equipment. However, there is no option to set alerts for “My Department” or “My Location”. In out particular company structure equpment frequently moves between sites so for most users it will not work to set up alerts for personal or favourite equipment. Setting alerts for location or department will allow responsible persons to follow activity in their location/department.

Please vote for this idea if you agree so that we can prioritize it.

We are working on an alert-system where you can subscribe to any view or dashboard that you have on your account, and that way be able to receive alerts on whatever information is set up in that view or dashboard - This way there will be no limit to what type of alert you can receive.

Which release this will be is not set yet.