See different equipment views in different tabs.of the same browser

When working on larger data sets, especially multiple customer databases, it would be incredibly good if we could have more than one browser tab logged in to Onix at any given time. I frequently coordinate databases of multiple companies at once, and make due with a half-assed fix where i can have two clients open at same time by having one in Google Chrome, and one in Microsoft Edge. if i open two clients at once in one browser (two separate tabs), it buggs out and syncronizes my two tabs.

Would be fantastic if I could have 2-4 clients open at same time, on the same computer.

(i also have at any given time 5-10 Excel clients, 5-10 Outlook windows, 30-50 browser tabs, 5-10 word documents and a whole heap of other software active on my desktop, and my computer is about to burst in flames, but thats a whole other story… :grin: )

We did not move forward with this idea because the system is originally designed to prevent users to work on different views at the same time. This is to increase users’ focus and prevent human errors from switching a lot of tabs.