Search history / multiple ID search

Is is possible to implement multiple seach in searchbar with “or”, “;” or similar.
Other option is to have the search history not to refresh itself after looking up new item.

In my case i want to upload the same document into each item in bulk. New onix is great for that and very efficient.

As per now my solution for this is adding a fictitious ID into each Item and look that up, checkbox multiple items of choice, and then update documentation on items based on choice.

With search history or multiple ID search it would be much more efficient for documentation update.
This will also compliment “Quick inspection” solution if you have iex. more than 10x identical items with different ID’s.

Thank you for your question!

So far, you can search for exact result by enclosing your value with a double quote. It means we have not supported the advanced searching method like “or”, ",’ or similar.
Overall, your suggestion is great and we will consider making it come true. Thank you!

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