Remove alert settings & give clear message when Worker license has no access to Onix Work

As a worker I might not be aware of limitid access to the web version of Onix Work. That said, I do have the rights to edit the notifications settings and jump to «my Onix Account».

Would it not be a great idea to make sure that workers login on to the web, understand the possibilities, rather than a no access message?
What else can Workers actually do in the web version? Quick link to My Onix Account is one example.

We acknowledge the limitation of the current Alerts feature, as well as the need of it.
If the user don’t have Onix Work license or privilege, they should have nothing to do in Onix Work. So we should only let them know this.

Hi @vu.pham
It is not so much about the alert functionality here, but more about the information that is displayed on the page when a Worker is trying to access Onix Work.
We should try to inform more about the options of the worker, rather than the limitations as displayed today.
Is this a correct assesment to your suggestion @lkh ?