Print/Export more then 100 reports in one go

we have many customers where we inspect hundreds of equipments per year.
Some of them didn´t want to login in any portal and only wants to have all their inspection reports as pdf.
Actually I have the possibilty to select equipemts and do the “export documents to PDF”. For up tp 100 reports it is very comfortable to dot. But its limited to these 100 reports.
I have a problem when I have a customer with 500 or more equipments. Then I have to select the next 100 manually by hand.
Here I need a better solution.
Best regards

Hi @stefan.korneli, if you need to send such a large number of documents, we’d recommend you check out the Send document feature in Equiment module.

Hope this helps :blush:

Hi Phuong,
thanks for your mail. I tried to check it out.
But I didn´t have the mentioned Documents Tab in my Equipment view.
Best regards

Hi @stefan.korneli, do you mean this Documents button, like in the screenshot below?

No, I mean the one from the Send document explanation:

Oh I see, that screenshot was in the old Equipment module. Please accept our apology for this :frowning:

We’ve just updated the article with the latest demo screenshots and more detailed steps, so could you please check again?

I’m copying the updated content below for your convenience :point_down:

No problem. Got it. But still not satisfied. :frowning:
Yes I can choose the right documets and as much as I want.
But when customer really wants to have every single report as pdf download. They still would need to cklick every single report for downloading it. Same as in Onix Express.

Got it. The Send Document feature helps with the file limit, but isn’t convenient for your customers to download files.

Another Onix Work user recently posted his product idea to let recipients of Send Document download multiple files more easily: Allow non-Onix-Work users to download multiple documents at once.

You might want to check it out. If you like the idea and think it helps in your case too, you can vote for it and share your thoughts there :+1:

Based on the discussions, our team can better understand the need and prioritize it.