Onix Work - Users are constantly sent back to the default Homepage

Recently we have received issue reports about an unusual behavior in Onix Work:
When you press a certain button, you’re sent back to your default Homepage.

The Onix team is actively investigating this issue, but we haven’t identified a solid solution yet.

What if you get this issue?

Our team needs as many clues as possible. Hence, in case you experience the same issue, please reply below with the following information:

  • Exact time when the issue occurs
  • Link (URL) of the Onix Work page where the issue occurs, for example https://onixwork.com/prod/Setting
  • Email address of your user account, for example pdh@onix.com
  • All browser(s) you’re using Onix Work, for example: “I’m opening Onix Work as pdh@onix.com on Chrome and pdh.test@onix.com on Edge browsers”

Any information you provide can be a valuable clue in our investigation.

Thank you in advance for your help :heart: