Onix Tag is renamed to Onix Pick and Pack from 10.05.2024

We would like to inform you of a significant change: From 10.05.2024, Onix Tag application will be renamed to Onix Pick and Pack. If your company is actively using Onix Tag and you are an administrator, action is required on your part – please find details below.

:pushpin: Impact of the change

While Onix Pick and Pack offers identical functionalities as Onix Tag, it is considered a separate application. When the new name is applied:

  • You need to use a new Onix Pick and Pack link instead of Onix Tag’s link (tag.onixwork.com).
  • In case you are using the Windows application, new installation of Onix Pick and Pack Windows app is necessary.

Important note:
After 10.05, Onix Tag will continue to work as usual for transition purpose. However, it will eventually be discontinued in the future.

:pushpin: Action required on 10.05

If you have any questions or need assistance, please leave a reply below or contact us at support@onix.com.

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