Onix Community - Complete user guide


As the name suggests, Onix Community is an interactive platform where you can engage in discussions, share ideas, ask questions and find solutions to issues across various topics and products. Our members are enjoying a growing range of perks:

  • Stay informed of the latest updates, releases, important notices and even industry practices.
  • Get prompt support from Community members for technical issues and questions.
  • Learn how to use Onix products and explore useful tips via our robust Knowledge base.
  • Share or vote for ideas and feedback to improve Onix products.


You can use the same account for Onix Community and Onix Work (or Onix Express if you only have Express access). Therefore, the following instructions are applicable whether you’ve got a Community account or not:

Now you’ve officially become an Onix Community member, so let’s explore what to do in the next sections.


3.1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQ topics are regularly reviewed to help you quickly troubleshoot issues and find answers on your own. Access them via:

  • This URL: Frequently Asked Questions topics
  • Via the Q&A category → Frequently Asked Questions sub-category.
  • From the shortcut on the Community’s left sidebar.
  • From the shortcut on Onix Work’s home page.

3.2. How to ask a question

At the Onix Community’s homepage:

  • Click on New topic → The Create a new Topic panel will appear.
  • In the title, summarize your concern.
  • Share more details in the body: which application (Onix Work, Onix Inspect, Onix Worker,…), why and how you need help. You can format the content and add images to explain the situation more clearly.
  • (Optional) Tag your topic with the relevant Onix product.

We always encourage you to use the search box before asking a question in case someone has recently asked the same thing before.

3.3. Share or vote for Product Ideas

To share a new idea or feedback:

  • Go to Product Ideas - New → Click on New Topic.
  • In the title, summarize your concern.
  • Share more details in the body: why, where and how you imagine the improvement should be. You can format the content and add images to explain your needs more clearly.
  • (Optional) Tag your topic with the relevant Onix product.

To vote for a product idea:

  • Go to Product ideas → Select a topic in one of these sub-categories: New, In discussion, To be considered.
  • If you agree with the idea, click on Vote. (You can always remove votes by clicking on the same button again.)
  • If you have inputs for the idea, don’t hesitate to reply.

3.4. Claim your posts in the previous Community

While browsing, you may come across your own question or idea shared in the old Onix Community. Claim them back with the following steps:
• Find them by searching for keywords in the posts (skip if you already found the posts).
• Then leave a comment to let us know you’re in.
• Our admins will make you the post owner, keeping you in the loop for new replies or updates.


4.1. Side bar

The side bar is always on wherever you are in Onix Community. To show/hide it, simply click on the hamburger icon next to Onix Community logo.

From the side bar, you can:

  • Switch between light/dark mode.
  • Access all topics in Onix Community.
  • Access your previous posts.
    • A post can be the first post of a topic, or a reply within a topic.
  • Quickly go to a category or a tag and see their topics.

4.2. Home page

Here you can:

  • View all Onix Community’s categories and latest topics.
  • Use the Search box at the top of the page before asking a question to see if your concern has already been answered or solved.
  • Create a new topic.

4.3. Important Notice category

In Important notice, you can find announcements and schedules of:

  • Service release
  • Product enhancements
  • Product retirements
  • Data restoration from production to Sandbox environment

4.4. Knowledge Base category

The Knowledge base provides comprehensive guides through Onix products from basic to advanced usage. We regularly review the content in this category to introduce key features and best practices.

4.5. Release Notes category

Release notes provides the latest updates on new features, enhancements and bug fixes for Onix products.

4.6. Product Ideas category

In Product ideas, all innovative suggestions are welcomed, whether they are feedback, existing features’ enhancements or original ideas. Remember, you can affect our decision to pursue a product idea by discussing and voting for it!

How a product idea is processed:

  • New: Every new product idea is considered for this stage.
  • In Discussion: The idea needs more input from other users. Afterwards, a concrete decision on whether to pursue the idea is made.
  • To Be Considered: The idea is not initially approved but is still deemed viable. Regular reviews will determine if it should be implemented when resources are available or should be dropped.
  • In Progress: The idea is approved and assigned to our Development team. In case the idea is included in the next release, we will reply with that news and mark that reply as the solution.
  • Implemented: The idea is implemented and available for use.
  • Dropped: The idea is not approved; any reasons or workarounds are publicly communicated.

Tip: Select the Board view to see Product Ideas per stage.

4.7. Known Issues category

In Known issues, you stay informed about issues or bugs in Onix products. You can also help the community report new issues or provide additional information on existing ones.
Topics in this category will be sorted into either of these 2 sub-categories:

  • Open: Every issue is considered for this stage until it is fixed.
  • Fixed: The issue is fixed and made available for use.

4.8. Q&A category

In Q&A you can ask questions or reply to others’ posts.