Old Onix Tool Store - Set up your store in Onix Tool Store

1. Configure settings

Set up program, location and area of the store

Important: To perform initial setup, you MUST have the Manage Onix Tool Store privilege granted by your adminstrators.

  • Open the Settings module in Onix Tool Store —> Sign in with your account.
  • In the Program section, select the correct company.
  • In the Checkout section, select the location (and area - if relevant).

2. Set up identification method

In the Identification Method section, you can set up:

  • Identification method for Settings, Administrators and RFID modules
    • Only Onix Work users and admin can log in into these modules using 3 methods: Scan ID card, select from a list or normal log in (which is entering email and password).
    • As an administrator, you can decide to:
      • Activate or deactivate one or both methods (Scan ID card and select user from a list).
      • Select a default method.
      • Decide if the password is required.
      • Note: the normal login cannot be configured

  • Decide if PIN/Password is required when the users log in to the Checkout and Manage Users module in Self service mode.
    • These modules can be accessed by Onix Work user and Onix Tool Store users.
    • If the option is checked, the user must enter their PIN (if they are logged in using Onix Tool Store user) or password (if they are logged in using Onix Work account)

Show/hide the scan buttons (QR and RFID)

In Settings module, you can decide to show or hide the scan buttons – which are available in Checkout, Administration and Manage Users modules to avoid confusing your workers.

In the example below, the Onix Tool Store is configured in the context that:

  • You have a scanner connected to your computer
  • All the workers need to do is to pick up the scanner and scan the equipment they want to check out/return without clicking any scanner buttons on the screen
  • You can uncheck the RFID scanner in Settings, then the RFID button will not be displayed but the scanner is still activated and ready to scan

3. Create custom instructions for Onix Tool Store in Onix Work

Custom instructions are used in:

  • Identification and Create Account dialog (in Checkout and Manage Users module).
  • Search section (in Checkout module).

In case there is no custom instruction, the default one will be displayed:

To set up a custom instruction:

  • Go to Onix Work and click the settings wheel
  • Select Instructions on the left panel
  • Click New in the ribbon menu
  • Select how this instruction will display in Onix Tool Store
    • Use during: select the place where it would be displayed in Onix Tool Store
    • Use for: select if this instruction will be displayed for all locations or a specific location.
    • Enter the content of the instruction
  • Click Save

In the example below, I have created a custom instruction for Identification screen for the location Tool Store - East

4. Manage equipment status in Onix Work

“Show Onix Tool Store information on equipment” checkbox

In Settings > Location, when select an specific location, you will see the checkbox «Show Onix Tool Store info equipment».

The default state of this option is unchecked. Once checked, its impact is different between Unique and Non-unique equipment

  • For unique equipment, the Tool Store section will be displayed in the Equipment details of an equipment in Onix Work. The information is displayed with regards to the equipment status (IN/OUT)


  • For non-unique equipment (stock and consumable items), the IN/OUT status and quantity will be shown respectively in the Tool Store section

Keep track of equipment in table mode

With advancements in the table of mode of Equipment module, the equipment owner can keep track of their equipment status (IN/OUT), who and when they were checked in/checked out and where they were used.
Here’s how:

  1. In the ribbon menu, select Table (if you are in Split mode). If you are in the Table mode, select Setup
  2. Check the field you want the table to display, then click OK


5. Manage Onix Tool Store users from Onix Work

PRIVILEGE NEEDED: Full access on Manage users and roles.

By managing Onix Tool Store users directly in Onix Work, all administrative tasks are centralized to boost your eficiency. It provides a comprehensive set of actions so you can efficiently handle profiles, PIN codes, ID cards, and more.

  • In Onix Work, go to SettingsUsers and RolesOnix Tool Store users.
  • The table list shows current unique Onix Tool Store user accounts regardless of the Onix Tool Store version that you’re using.
    • For example, an employee creates the user account with a phone number; then he uses the old Onix Tool Store app in location A and new Onix Tool Store app in location B. In Onix Work, his administrator will only see 1 Onix Tool Store user account associated with the phone number.
  • Other actions are:
    • Create new Tool Store users.
    • Edit information or change PIN code of the current users.
    • Delete a user.