Manage equipment with job intervals

Simplify equipment management using job intervals, in particular job classes, dates and statuses.


  • Flexible tracking: Select and view job intervals as display fields on the equipment list.
  • Enhanced filtering: Custom equipment list view based on specific intervals.
  • Time-saving process: Edit job intervals for multiple equipment at one time, reducing manual effort.
  • Effortless insights: Export equipment list to files or view dashboards with job intervals for comprehensive analysis.


2.1. Display information related to job intervals

Add the due dates and due statuses of specific job classes to your current Custom view as display fields:

  • In a Custom view: Edit current view.
  • In the Display fields section, Add a field —> Job interval due date / Job interval due status.
  • Fill in suitable job class and intervals —> Apply.
  • The relevant information will appear in the equipment list. For example, if you add Mandatory due 12 months display field:
    • Equipment with matching job intervals will have the due date shown in the Mandatory due 12 months column.
    • Equipment that does not have a matching job interval will have the Mandatory due 12 months field blank.


After being added to the equipment view, these display fields will also appear in the Print equipment list to PDF report.

2.2. Edit job intervals of multiple equipments

  • Select wanted equipment —> Edit —> Edit all job intervals.
    • This functionality DOES NOT apply to: Non-unique equipment, sub equipment, equipment of other companies that you are not granted edit privilege.
  • Select the suitable action and fill in other fields.

2.3. Filter with custom due date and status of job intervals

  • In the Filter section of Edit current view or the Filter panel of the equipment list, add Due date criterion.
  • Fill in suitable job class, interval and time range —> Apply.
  • Only equipment with relevant job interval information will appear in the equipment list.


2.4. View equipment with specific due date in Dashboards

  • In the Equipment from view widget, select the equipment view with the Job interval due date as display field.
  • Add the field as Label and set up other fields of the dashboard.
  • Specific Job interval due status fields are currently NOT available in Dashboards.


You can add specific job interval due dates AND statuses as:

  • Display fields.
  • Sorting options.

However, for new filter criteria, you can ONLY add specific job interval due dates and NOT due statuses.


You can add specific job interval due dates as filter criteria.
Meanwhile, sorting options and display fields are synced with those that already exist in your view’s Split layout from the Equipment module in Onix Work. Therefore, the sorting options and display fields CANNOT be edited.