Log in to Onix applications with the redesigned SSO experience

The Spring 2 Release 2023 has updated the login page along with an enhancement that enables administrators to require their users to authenticate with Microsoft credentials. Get ready to bid goodbye to login headaches and welcome higher security.

1. Why it helps

Accessing your account has become a breeze with a refreshed login page, now affecting all Onix’s applications:

  • Show password: Check the password you are entering easily and securely .
  • Helpful assistance: Find the support you need promptly with more visible buttons.
  • User-friendly design: Enjoy a simplified interface that is less confusing and distracting.
  • Enhanced user experience: Log in with more ease and less frustration.
  • [For administrators] Simplified account management: Ensure users of your company adhere to the security requirements with the new SSO enhancement.

2. How to log in

At the login page:

  • If you are not yet an Onix Work member: click on the Create an account button. Note: Account creation is restricted to emails which are granted domain access.
  • If you authenticate by Microsoft credentials: click on the Sign in with Microsoft button.
  • If you authenticate by Onix credentials: Enter your email → Next.


To continue authenticating by Onix credentials:

  • Enter your password → Sign in.
    • Check the Remember me on this device option so that the next time you go back, you will be logged back in automatically.
  • Click the Show password button to double-check your inputs.
  • In case you forget your password, click on Forgot password → Follow the given instructions to recall or reset the password.

If you want to use another Onix Work account, click on Sign in with another account.

3. Switch between organizations

  • When your account logged in to Onix Work and use it, it will show your home organization
    • What is a home organization? That is the organization that will be first-appeared every time you use Onix Work
  • You can switch the organization to work for by clicking the arrow icon next to your organization (top left corner - near the Onix Work logo)


  • In the pop-up dialog, you can find a list of organizations which you’re a user of.
  • Search and select the organization that you want to work with.

4. Troubleshoot common login and access errors

“You don’t have access to any organization.”


There’re 2 possible reasons for this message:

a. You have not become a user of any organization.

  • To be a user of any organization, your account must be granted access to that organization AND be assigned a license and a role.

Solution: Request your company’s administrator for user access.

b. You’re listed in your organization as a contact instead of a user.

  • Contact is an asset of an organization, which contains a person information including email, password, name, phone number, picture, signature, and many more
  • Contact is not a user, and not assigned to any license and role

Solution: Request your company’s administrator to set your account from Contact only / Disabled to Active, and then assign you a license and a role.

“You don’t have access to [Your company] from this app.”

There’re 2 possible reasons for this message:

a. Your account is listed in your organization; however, it’s not assigned a license yet.

Solution: Request your company’s administrator for a license.

b. Your license or role don’t include access Onix Work, for example Worker license

  • Privileges give users the permission to perform actions, read information, or see nothing at all on a specific module or function
  • Role is a group of defined privileges.

Solution: Request your company’s administrator for another license or role which include the privilege to access Onix Work.

Learn more
For explanation about license, role and privileges, see Understand the account and user concept.