Job details in the new Jobs module

Following the modernized Jobs module, the job details panel offers more handy features and a clean, user-friendly interface. You can open it from the new Jobs module, or from the Jobs tab of an equipment in the Equipment module. A job details panel contains a section for the main information and separate sections for other details.



  • Header: Display the job number. In case the job contains Inspection Report, the revision number is also included.

  • Click on Equipment to see all the equipment included in the job.

    • New equipment can be added to the selected job.
  • Click on Checklist to see details of the checklist used in the job and its progress.

  • Click on Documents to see and navigate the documents attached to the job.

    • New document can be added to the selected job.



Click on Checklist to see details of the checklist used in the job and its progress. If the job is open, you can change, edit the checklist progress and take other actions:

  • Navigate the checklist:
    • Use the Quick access button to navigate to a specific checkpoint or check group.
    • Use the Expand and Collapse buttons to open or close the check groups and checkpoints.
  • In each checkpoint, you can:
    • View the procedures with attached pictures.
    • Edit the checkpoint: select its severity status, add pictures and comments.
      • You can quickly fill the Comment field by selecting from the sample texts.
      • Update statuses of multiple checkpoints: use the Fill ? statuses button on the top of the checklist or each check group.
      • If the checkpoint’s status is other than OK and NA, you can mark the checkpoint as Solved and add solution.
  • Change to another checklist using the Change checklist button.
  • Transfer checklist: you can only transfer the checkpoints in a filed job to the currently open job if:
    • Both jobs are mandatory jobs.
    • 2 jobs have the same form and checklist.
    • Only checkpoints that have comments in the filed job can be transferred to the new job. If the checkpoint does not have any comments, it cannot be transferred.
  • Other actions:
    • Preview the checklist report.
    • Export the checklist.
    • File the job.



For easier navigation among the job details panel, you can expand / collapse all sections or each individual section.

  • Instructions: Display instructions from the customer company and location.
  • Form & test content: Display form name, form language and test content.
    • If the form requires multiple tests: include tests of form.
    • If the job uses Form 3: new tests can be added manually.
  • Job status and comment
  • Job intervals: Display job intervals information (interval, done date, due date and next due date) and filing action.
    • Intervals: This field cannot be edited in the job details panel. You can only add or remove job intervals in the equipment details panel.
    • Next due date: You can edit this field at will.


  • Selected for this job: Choose the suitable filing action for the selected interval upon job filing.

    • If the checkbox is ON: the interval will be updated to the equipment
    • If the checkbox is OFF: the interval will NOT be updated to the equipment
    • If the equipment’s default interval (determined by its control category and control regime) is 6 months, any existing 12-month interval will be strikethrough. When the job is filed, this 12-month interval will automatically be removed from the equipment. However, you can choose to keep the 12-month interval by clicking on the information button and select Yes.
  • PRIVILEGE NEEDED: To perform these actions, you MUST be granted the “Edit job intervals” privilege for the Jobs module in the Company settings. To have the privilege, please contact your company’s administrator.

  • Job details: Display the following fields:

    • Job class
    • Checklist
    • Control regime
    • Job number
    • Job date
    • Job type
    • Order number
    • Cust. order no.
    • Tested acc. to
    • Done by
    • Responsible
    • Equipment owner
    • Location
    • Project
    • Short description
  • Created/Modified: Display brief change history of the job

    • Who created the job
    • The job’s created date
    • Who last modified the job
    • The job’s last modified date