Is it possible to create a Product from an existing item?

If I have a unique item in Onix and now decide we will add more of the same item in the future, it makes sense to create a Product for this type of equipment. Is it possible to create a Product directly from the information held about the unique item?

If this is not possible it means that I have to copy all the data held about the unique item and then manually add it all (including base documents) to the new Product. This can involve having 3 or more simultaneous sessions open so I can view the data, add base documents, and create a product at the same time. Its also very time-consuming having to add pictures, edit properties etc.

Much quicker to say “I want to make a Product the same as that item” and reuse all the data.

Please vote for this idea if you agree so that we can prioritize it.

We do not support this today, but it is a great product idea that we will follow up further.