How to update certificates created from the Orders module when you cannot recall the order

When a certificate is created from an order which can no longer be recalled, you can still update the certificate with correct information by creating a new job.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The following instructions are only applicable when the equipment listed in the certificate has never had their ownership edited after the order is processed.

Here’s how to do it in the Equipment module:

  • Search and open the equipment whose documentation needs editing.
  • Edit the values in Equipment details or Properties section when there are changes to the equipment, e.g. new values in WLL, model, equipment properties, etc.

  • Open Jobs tab → Open the relevant job → Select Create copy . A copy of the job created from the Order module will now show up with the same job number.
  • Update relevant changes in the new copied job. You can preview to check whether everything is good.

  • When you have finished updating information in the copied job, select File. The new certificate will be created and available to the customer.