How to connect new scanners in the old Onix Tool Store

Onix Tool Store has built-in support for several types of RFID and barcode scanners. If you have one of these connected to the computer, you will be able to see and select it from the list under the RFID menu.

In addition, there is a function to use “unknown” scanners via the USB port.

If your scanner supports a so-called HID function (simulates a keyboard), there is a good chance that it can be used with Onix Tool Store.

NOTE: It is important that the scanner is then set up with the same country code as your keyboard. If you have a Danish keyboard, the scanner must also be set to Danish (please check the manufacturer’s user manual for how to set this)

Before you start, plug your scanner into the USB socket. Then follow this procedure to activate it.

  1. Open Onix Tool Store, log in and select the RFID tile on the Home screen

  1. In the RFID Scanner Screen, log in with your user account and click OK

  1. Click Add new

  1. The popup is opened as below. Scan a QR code so that the app can recognize your scanner.

  1. After scanning successfully, the Device ID of your scanner and the Scan Result will be displayed, click Confirm so that the app will remember this device as your scanner for future usage. In case you want to remove this scanner, simply click Forget this device

  1. Then, come back to the Home screen, select the Check Out tile and log in, you are now able to start scanning.