[FAQ] User is not allowed to log in to Onix Work, only Onix Worker

You are assigned a Worker license and Onix Worker role. When you try to access Onix Work’s desktop application, you get the error message “You don’t have access to [Company Name] from this app. Please contact your account administrator for more information” .


Since Autumn Release 2022, Worker license does NOT include access to Onix Work’s desktop application anymore. The Worker license only allows access to Onix Worker mobile application, which is different from Onix Work desktop.


You can request to be assigned an Onix Read-only license and role; this combination allow read-only access to Onix Work on desktop. Then you can view equipment information but CANNOT edit any information and CANNOT use Onix Worker mobile application.

Here’s how:

  • Contact your administrator and describe your needs. Then, your administrator can contact us via support@onix.com.
  • We will create an Onix Read-only license and role for you. Then, you will have read-only access to Onix Work on desktop (without using Onix Worker mobile application).

For those customers who want to use both Onix Work and Onix Worker, please contact us via support@onix.com.