[FAQ] Customers want access to your Onix Express

You MUST provide the customers with the ACCESS LINK to your Onix Express:

  • This is a sample of Onix Express access link: https://express.onixwork.com/uplift-express-101.
    • Only the first part “https://express.onixwork.com/” is fixed; you can customize the rest of the link to ensure it’s more memorable.
    • This link should be published on your company’s website. You can also embed it in a logon button.
  • How to get the link: Go to the Settings module → Select Onix Express → Copy the URL (see image below).



Having the access link, your customers MUST SIGN OUT FIRST, then log in as instructed below:

  1. Sign out of any Onix account
  2. Enter the access link on the browser’s address bar; or go to your website and click on this logon buttonimage
  3. In the login screen, log in using their information