Equipment filter update request


Yet another feature request coming your way:

in the “Equipment details” section there is separate fields for WLL and SWL.

This is somewhat redundant, as almost no equipment is listed with both WLL and SWL.

SWL is an older term that has been replaced by WLL.

Other load limitation markers are:

  • SWL/NBL - Safe Work Load / Normal Working Load - Outdated rating for maximum load
  • WLL - Weight Load Limit - replaced SWL and NBL a few years back.
  • MBL / MBS - Maximum Breaking Load / Maximum Breaking Strenght
    • MBL / MBS is the figure representing WLL x Safety factor on lifting equipment.
    • Some ropes have no safety factor, and is therefor labelled with MBL/MBS

All these can be replaced by merging SWL and WLL, and just calling it “Max Rating (WLL/MBL)”

We have now included the option to search for WLL/SWL, meaning you will search for information in any of those two fields.