Enhancements for the Modern Equipment module - Actions when selecting multiple items

In the Equipment view, when selecting multiple items, we should be able to do a handful of things to the selected items:

  1. Export a list of the selected items to an Excel file, based on the viewport setting, with an option to export a complete list with ALL viewport setting options included. The old version had a half-decent export function. The new version has no export function at all.
  2. Make the abovementioned viewport have the option to add more than the current 19 layout tabs active. “Gief meh all them cookies!!”
  3. When selecting 2 or more items at once, we should be able to edit ALL the “Equipment details”, “Additional info”, and “Properties” fields that do not contain unique identificators (Serial number, QR code, Batch number). Not having this ability makes my job intolerable. Correcting mistakes in 10.000 items, one item at a time, does things to a person’s sanity.

Customers often plot in the wrong control category, or type description, or model description.

All points in this idea has come to life in Spring 1 Release 2023.