Automatic removal of inactive users in Onix Express

We are a big organization with different location that use Onix-
Is it possible to automatic removal of inactive users, or Onix generate an automatic mail first, example after 3-6 month. We have user that have retired or ended their work.

(We assume the original post owner was mentioning the Onix Express portal (where you have read-only access to documents provided by suppliers))

Currently, the inactive users are automatically removed after 12 months:

  • A user is considered inactive if their last login date is more than 12 months ago.
  • However, only Onix Express users are affected by this rule.
    • It means that if you are an Onix Work user (or any other application except Onix Express), your account will remain in the company‚Äôs system until your administrator removes it.

In case an Express account is confirmed to be no longer in use and it needs removing before the 12-month due, you should ask the supplier to remove it manually :blush: