Add multiple recipients when sending documents from the Orders module

When sending new documents from Onix Work order module to the client, a copy of that link is always sent to the personal e-mail adress of the logged in user. Could you look into altering this so that this e-mail adress may be changed by the user?

For companies who have multiple users working on issuing documents, but also has a designated e-mail inbox for all documentation (e.g, it would probably be preferable for most that copies of all sent documentation be visible and searchable in that shared mailbox, rather than in personal inboxes.

Being able to add multiple internal recipients would be even better so that anyone who has interest in being notified of issued documents can be added as a recipient.

Please vote for this idea if you agree so that we can prioritize it.
If you have any inputs, we’d love to hear them :blush:

Thank you for your suggestion.

If I understand this correctly you want all the e-mail communication related to certificates, both sent and received, to be available in an common e-mail account,

When you send certificates/documents to the customer from the order module and/or equipment module you want a copy to be sent also to this e-mail account,

Today you can only select logged in user in addition to equipment owner contacts.

So your need is to easily be able to select other email address when documents is sent or have this e-mail automatically suggest and not need to add this as a contact to ALL customers or first send the e-mail to logged in user and then resend to

  • Do any other customer has input/needs related to this functionality?

Hi @phuong.duong
When sending documents from Orders module, you can user the function Add to add more recipients.
Could you please experience it, to see whether it can satisfy your demand?
Thank you.

@Nhon Can we manually type and add any email address that is not registered as a contact yet? Or does this recipient list only include the contacts that are already registered in the Companies module?

Hi @phuong.duong
We cannot manually input the email address, but just can select form a user name list.

So it means that to select a shared email address, e.g., this email address should be added as a contact of that Express company in the Companies module?

Or if the customer (the buyer) has active Onix Work membership, the must be a contact only in the Users & Roles settings of the customer’s company account?

If yes, the above 2 points can be workarounds to this product idea. What do you think?